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Adding a Recurring Expense

Adding an Expense

Adding a Payment


Creating a Time-Log Invoice

Creating a Recurring Invoice

Adding a New Lead

Adding a Sub-Task

Creating sub-tasks makes it easy to split up tasks into even smaller pieces. You can add a sub-task by following the steps below.

Creating a New Ticket

Getting support on Elotree is quick and easy. Creating a ticket can help report an incident or a problem, answer questions, or request a feature on the platform. Alternatively, Note: All created Tickets will be sent to the System Admin.

Adding a New Task

Creating tasks makes it easy to break projects down into smaller pieces and organize the workload. Below are instructions on how to create tasks in Elotree. Alternatively,

Adding a New Project

Creating projects on Elotree makes it easy to organize a client’s workload and divide up roles and responsibilities among team members.  Alternatively,