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Adding a Recurring Expense

Adding an Expense

Adding a Payment


Creating a Time-Log Invoice

Creating a Recurring Invoice

Adding a New Lead

Adding a Sub-Task

Creating sub-tasks makes it easy to split up tasks into even smaller pieces. You can add a sub-task by following the steps below.

Creating a New Ticket

Getting support on Elotree is quick and easy. Creating a ticket can help report an incident or a problem, answer questions, or request a feature on the platform. Alternatively, Note: All created Tickets will be sent to the System Admin.

Adding a New Task

Creating tasks makes it easy to break projects down into smaller pieces and organize the workload. Below are instructions on how to create tasks in Elotree. Alternatively,

Adding a New Client 

The client panel in Elotree makes it simple to manage clients all in one page. Below, you will find instructions on how to easily add new clients on Elotree.  Alternatively,